Driven by our


At RTL, core values are not just buzz words, they are our heartbeat. We have five that we stand by and practice each day, in all that we do.


As a team, we continually challenge ourselves to provide quality logistical service solutions. Working together is our motto because we know that by combining our assets with sub-contractors, it can lead to superior, more efficient and versatile solutions. 

We strive to provide professional, safe, and reliable services that you can depend upon and trust

- that's our commitment to you.

Passion for Service

We love what we do and so we approach every job, no matter the size, with passion, commitment and professionalism. We believe that if it is a job worth doing, it's worth doing right. We lead from the front by continually striving to do it better because our clients deserve the very best available.   

Collaboration, Community & Safety

Working together is our mantra because we know the sum of the whole is better than individual parts. Collaboration benefits our colleagues and our clients alike. Through team work and mutual respect we achieve better outcomes. Family values and safety are important to us - not just the bottom line. What we do each day, it's more than a job, we care for the community and each other.

Honesty & Fairness

We interact with our clients just as we interact with each other

- honestly, compassionately, fairly and with an open-mind.

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We embrace technology and are at the forefront of developing systems to improve efficiency and communication for our clients. We invest in our staff through training, development and career growth. Part of that entails challenging industry norms on working conditions. 


Work Smart

Living grassroots reality - we know our clients work hard and face challenges every day, so we make sure we're working smart for them and each other. We look to the future, adapting new technologies in line with the ever-changing industry, economy and client expectations.