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At RTL we have accumulated some pretty cool toys, handy machines and accessories over the years, and the good news is, we're happy to share! There are different items for hire from trailers to log splitters, mini diggers and much more.


Also, we have diesel available at select depots, or available for delivery via our mobile tanker if you happen to run out. To hire any of our equipment below, please give us a call or drop us a line via our contact form.

Mobile Diesel Tanker

Run out of fuel in the middle of a job?

No fear. RTL's mobile diesel tankers have you covered. These mobile diesel tankers are great for filling up home heating tanks or accessing machinery or irrigation pumps that need diesel.

Fuel Source

Diesel and AdBlue are available for public purchase at our Oturehua, Omakau, Heriot, Miller’s Flat, Lawrence, Waipahi and Clinton Depots.  Please see our contact page for addresses.



Mini Digger

Two mini diggers (1.7 ton each) both with a bucket and a blade.  An auger set is shared between the two diggers for digging post holes up to 600mm in diameter.  Towable on a tandem trailer, which is provided. 

Hire fee is $40p/hr + GST. * Discounts are available on daily or weekly hire.  

Tandem Axle Car Trailer Hire

Single and tandem axle car trailers are available in Clinton, Lawrence, Heriot and Omakau Depots for hire.

Pictured: Tandem anxle car trailer.

Single axle car trailers

As shown here, we have an assortment of car trailers available for hire. From L-R:

Red single axle car trailer which has a sheep crate and firewood cage attachment available; portable sheep ramp; mobile cattle ramp.

Tandem trailer with crate 

Tandem trailer with crate

This tandem axle trailer is suitable for transporting calves, rams, etc. It is

available for hire from our Heriot depot.  

Single & Tandem Car Trailers

Available from our Lawrence depot. 

Horse Float

This tandem axle horse float is available for hire from our  Heriot depot.  

Log Splitter

Chop through wood in no time with this heavy duty log splitter. Built onto its own trailer, this log splitter is ready to hook up to your car and go. Available from the Heriot depot.

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