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Download the RTL Client App to your mobile device today. Track your jobs, receive notifications of ETAs and view your billing information, all in one place.

How It Works

  1. Download the app.

  2. Install the app.

  3. Enter your details and submit your information.

  4. Our administration will verify that an account is established for you and you will receive a [notification/email/phone call] to advise your information has been verified. Note. We go through this process because our app contains invoicing and private information.

  5. When you have an active job, you will receive status updates for: Processing, In Transit, In Bound and Delays.

RTL Technology

We are determined to bring our customers the most efficient and reliable transport and logistical services possible. That is why we developed the custom-designed app to advise you when to expect your delivery or pick up, because we know your time is precious and we don’t want to leave you waiting on us.

We use the latest in GPS technology to monitor our trucks so that we know where they are and how the driver is progressing through their tasks. We communicate directly from our office to our drivers via tablets which are installed on their dashboard. All job details are logged through the app into our records, and are the basis for our invoicing. 

Download the app today to start enjoying the benefits of real time notifications

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