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One call and we'll have it sorted


At RTL, we pride ourselves on finding the ultimate logistics solutions for your business, regardless of the size of the job or the complexities involved. We will find the solution.


When you call us and describe your job in detail, our team sets into action and takes care of the rest for you. We will identify the most efficient, effective and compliant logistical solution based on your requirements.


Our operations model has our clients as the core focus. RTL has the infrastructure in place to control and to co-ordinate challenging logistics that can incorporate other organisations, if required.


What this means for you:

✔ You have a dedicated team of people brainstorming the best solution

✔ Professional, streamlined, efficient service

✔ Our ‘Working Together’ approach protects your longstanding relationships because we can work with them

✔ Eliminate stress – one call to us and the challenge is ours to solve

✔ Our leading technology and infrastructure creates a seamless experience 


Recently, a client approached us needing a large quantity of product shifted over a vast range of regions from a number of properties in a controlled environment. Within 48 hours we had clarified the challenge, set up the Standing Operating Procedures, co-ordinated the resources required and set realistic time frames - it would be a 10 week mission.


The client had one point of contact. One account despite multiple companies being involved. And, they received a professional service delivered in a timely and efficient manner. The solution included: trucks, risk management, project management, client liaison, and a considered, sensitive approach when managing and working with the client's clients.

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